Swords of Legends Online opens preorders with minimum $39.99 buy-in for closed beta


If you’ve somehow missed the deluge of class reveal trailers from Swords of Legends Online the last two weeks – or you can’t be arsed to watch them all – then good news for you: Gameforge, Wangyuan Shengtang, and Aurogon have released a new video smooshing all the highlights of the Reaper, Berserker, Bard, Spellsword, Spearmaster, and Summoner.

Worth noting is that in the same press blast, the studios have reiterated that the game will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store as well as Gameforge’s own client. Preorders are already open through Steam and Gameforge, though we still don’t have a hard launch date beyond “summer 2021.”

“The game is available for pre-purchase in three editions for $39.99 USD (€39.99), $59.99 USD (€59.99), and $99.99 USD (€99.99). Players who pre-purchase the game will receive a pre-order bonus which includes exclusive cosmetic in-game items, and access to the closed beta trials. Additionally, the pre-purchase will also provide access to character name reservation and character creation before the official launch.”

We assume the launch date will be revealed during tomorrow’s Twitch stream. Oh, and in spite of the game’s official “PlaySoLOnline” Twitter handle that makes our team giggle and say “Shit Outta Luck Online” every time, Gameforge is actually abbreviating this one as SOLO. So there you go.

Source: Press release

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doubt I would buy in at this point, New world has me hooked. But the setting is so rare over here in the west it might be worth checking out after launch.
I love cosmetics and hate P2W R.I.P Archeage


Playing this game feels like driving a Rolls-Royce that had its engine swapped with a first gen Prius.

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1.) Throw money Chronicles of Elscamia.

2.) Smash my head repeatedly in my car door.

3.) Sell my RTX2080 SUPER on eBay below MSRP.

4.) Eat broken glass.

These are just a few things I’d do before ever spending a penny on this pile of shit.

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I’m literally calling dibs on the future headline “Sword of Legends Online Players SOL, Servers Sunset.” This is legally binding.


Based on what I see from streams, the world building is empty.
Static NPC.
Huge Map but no doodads or other objects that makes it looks lively.
Town is also the same, bigger but less lively (even with players).

A mountainous area but no trees, if there are its less than 20. >_<
Maps looks like a desert even the normal grind spots.


Gameforge makes P2W games. I would not recommend preordering anything they create or publish. It would be a good idea to wait a while after launch to see what monetization they end up using after the honeymoon period is over.

Brinto Sfj

How about a big “NO” Gameforge? If you want me to trust you, you need to drown yourself in your own shit and apologize for next 10 years. And then maybe, just maybe, I will trust that you have the intention to properly run this game.