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Riot confirms Runeterra MMO’s group-centered design philosophy

While Riot Games' in-development Runeterra MMO still hasn't publicized anything that resembles gameplay, release plans, or even testing plans, what it does have is...

Fractured Online shares a preview of every combat school in the sandbox

Fractured Online is continuing to roll out its re-introductory series of dev blogs that showcase the sandbox MMORPG's feature set, with the latest one...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 355: All your ships are belong to us

Justin, Colin, and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online, Lost Ark, ArcheAge, Elyon, EVE Online, and Guild Wars 2, with adventures in LOTRO, ESO, and GW2, plus mailbag topics on choice in MMOs and resurrecting Landmark.

Embers Adrift aims for a 2022 launch while it beefs up combat and character creation

Is it just me or is Embers Adrift (fka Saga of Lucimia) working hard to become a scrappy MMO underdog these days? After years...
Not the problem.

Elyon prepares for the Archer and server merges

It's out with Christmas and in with New Year decorations over at Elyon. The fantasy MMORPG is celebrating the start of 2022 with the...

Embers Adrift releases a slew of gameplay, tutorial, and preview videos

At the end of December Embers Adrift promised that the start of January would be full of gameplay previews and a new trailer. The...

Profane shares some lore, character creation updates, a bird design, and an end-of-year wrap-up

The full-loot PvP sandbox of Profane continues to use its Twitter account as a sounding board for its variety of updates and concept previews,...

Whatever happened to post-apoc multiplayer RPG Eden Falling?

We haven't heard a lot out of Eden Falling, but that also seems to be par for the course for this game, so let...

Star Wars The Old Republic’s 4K ultra HD versions of ‘Return’ and ‘Hope’ cinematics are live

Earlier this month, Star Wars: The Old Republic announced that it would be re-releasing its original trailers in 4K ultra HD as part of...

New World announces server merges are ‘on the horizon,’ stays stubborn on mini-map issue

You may have fought angry specters, old gods, and even a raid boss or two, but you're really going to have to gear up...

SWTOR’s character creation screen gets a makeover for Legacy of the Sith

All those Star Wars: The Old Republic players who will be flocking to make new characters with the flexible combat styles system next month...

Elder Scrolls Online celebrates Skyrim’s 10th anniversary with a new video for the MMO

The Elder Scrolls franchise is having one hell of a week: Not only did Elder Scrolls Online just drop Deadlands, its last DLC of...

Not So Massively: Lost Ark is a promising MMOARPG with a poor first impression

Like many ARPG fans, I have long-awaited the Western release of Smilegate's MMOARPG, Lost Ark. Though the launch has been delayed to next year,...

World of Warcraft takes fans behind the scenes of the character creator rework

A lot of elements of the character creator in World of Warcraft changed when Shadowlands launched. This is probably not news to anyone who is playing...

Lord of the Rings Online starts Fate of Gundabad testing

While the first round of public testing has already concluded, Lord of the Rings Online: Fate of Gundabad's beta -- Update 31 -- kicked...

First Impressions: Book of Travels offers a beautiful yet baffling stroll

So far in my life, I have backed only three Kickstarter projects -- all of them MMORPGs. One was Project Gorgon, the next Ashes...

Book of Travels issues first early access patch, discusses customization plans

With Book of Travels out in the wilds of early access a whole week now, Might and Delight has dropped the game's first update....

Elyon pre-downloading has begun, character creation is set for October 14

Yesterday, Elyon raised a few eyebrows when Krafton and Kakao announced that pre-download and character creation plans had "hit a bit of a snag"...

Elyon delays pre-download and character creation, says launch and headstart are ‘on course’

Elyon surprised everyone last month when it diverted from its September launch to an October 20th launch, with a change-up for its business model...

Book of Travels elaborates on the twelve character ‘forms’ that players in early access can select

As Book of Travels continues to roll out its early access in chunks until it opens for all backers on October 11th, the devs...