Mortal Online 2 readies foraging, fishing, and an improved tutorial for its next content update


Star Vault Studios CEO Henrik Nystrom once again made use of his Mortal Online 2 stream to showcase the content coming in the sandbox’s next update, which will feature an improvement to the game’s starting experience found within the continent of Haven and in general.

Among these newbie-friendly updates are preset builds at character creation, more informative skill descriptions, improvements to Haven’s PvE challenges and dungeons, and a more linear starting path when players first arrive to Haven. New players can also look forward to a guild finder system within the game and an integration of task systems into the tutorial.

Speaking of tasks systems, two new task types are on the way in the form of foraging and fishing. These tasks are pretty much what one would expect, with foraging tasks involving finding herbs and plants for study and fishing tasks sending players out to find specific fish. Both task types will feature new currency to spend on prestigious capes, titles, and rewards of glory and silver that scale based on task difficulty.

Finally, the game will be opening another new dungeon in the southern Myrland jungle, though it will arrive in a staggered update after this new patch arrives. In both cases there were no timelines for when these updates will arrive; just know that they’re coming.

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