Nightingale recaps its new character creation additions – including its starter loadouts and ‘extravagant’ digs


If you know one thing about Nightingale’s patch week, it’s that it finally introduced an offline mode after much player clamor. But that wasn’t the only thing in the patch, and to illustrate that fact, Tencent’s Inflexion has penned a dev blog examining the game’s new character loadout system and new starting gear.

“[W]hen players hop into Nightingale’s character creator, they’ll have the option to select from a range of options that include new starter outfits and loadouts, giving players a stylish helping hand when they voyage into the Realms for the first time,” the studio says, noting that players had asked for more “extravagant” wearables at the start of the game. “Players will now find a range of outfits that suit a number of different styles (very much the fashion at the time), offering more player variety and customization in the early game.”

As for the loadouts themselves, they sound a bit like starter templates with associated gear, though players don’t have to use them.

“Another exciting update is the option to select a loadout before you start the game. These are, essentially, minor headstarts when it comes to gameplay, allowing players to gain essential tools right off the bat, as well as certain provisions to make the harsh Faewilds a tad more gentle. These loadouts are themed, including Adventurer, Builder, Crafter and Magickian. […] Each loadout weapon is also paired with a Charm. For example,  the Crafter loadout comes with the Charm of Defence, increasing the player’s block ability; players who choose the Fighter loadout will benefit from the Charm of Invigoration, restoring stamina for every weakpoint hit; and the Magickian loadout offers the Charm of the Juggler, offering increased melee damage after using a thrown weapon.”

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