Final Fantasy XIV promises an updated Dawntrail benchmark to improve character creation lighting and fix issues


While lots of players were very happy to have the Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail benchmark this past Sunday, there was some discontent. Odd lighting issues in character creation led to some weird traits, some textures were visibly lower quality, and so forth. And you should take heart that if you were one of the people affected by these issues, the developers hear you and will be releasing an updated benchmark to correct this.

It’s important to note that the update on the benchmark specifically highlights the character creator rather than the benchmark test itself, so if you’re worried about your score falling, you shouldn’t be. Instead, it’s a simple matter of graphical standards having changed over time for the creator (which was initially built with PlayStation 3 capabilities in mind) and some oversights due to the scale of the graphical overhaul. Regardless, if you were one of the people who felt like your updated character wasn’t looking quite right, there are plans to fix that even before the expansion launch.

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