Zenith is now on the PSVR2 store with both Zenith Infinite Realms and Zenith The Last City


If you are still waiting on a non-VR PC port of Zenith The Last City (something studio RamenVR did promise Kickstarter backers many moons ago), you can probably just let go of that wait. If you were waiting for the game to be available on the PlayStation, on the other hand, you’re getting that. The PlayStation VR2 store is now offering potential players Zenith Nexus, which includes both Zenith Infinite Realms (the run-and-parkour season-based game) and what Ramen characterizes as the “long-running” MMORPG Zenith: The Last City. (This game launched only in 2022.)

Of course, it’s not offering both at the same price; the package itself is listed as free, but Zenith: The Last City is $30 DLC. So it’s more accurate to say that Zenith: Infinite Nexus is free-to-play and the MMORPG remains buy-to-play, but saying that feels like it might be playing a game of jinx? Or might involve people avoiding one and buying the other? Regardless, if you’ve got a PlayStation VR headset, you have another purchase option now.

Source: Twitter
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