Swords of Legends Online shares a launch trailer and video snippets of post-launch roadmap and battle pass previews


Did you happen to miss out on the pre-launch livestream from Swords of Legends Online? Then you can read our synopsis for the details. Would you rather see those details in video form with your own eyes and not have to watch over an hour’s worth of video? The game’s YouTube page has you covered.

The big important bits from the game’s latest livestream have been broken up into individual videos, which offer a look at the MMORPG’s post-release update plans, a preview of the additional skin tone choices, and a rundown of the cosmetic battle pass that’s on offer.

In terms of new footage, Gameforge has also premiered a launch trailer ahead of the game’s July 9th release. So whether you’re looking for informational videos or sizzle reel, the embeds after the break should have all of your needs covered.

source: YouTube (1, 2, 3, 4)

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Hydlide S

Are they going to fix the translation errors and half English half Chinese voice acting? Or are they going to just leave it in a weird half translated state like Revelation Online?

I was looking forward to this but was super disappointed with it after playing the demo.

Toy Clown

They stated in the AMA on MMORPG reddit, which is still stickied, that they are continuing to work on this diligently.


From the AMA they did a couple days ago on Reddit:

We are still working on polishing the localization, although it should be vastly improved from the beta state. As we would like to get it just right, we will continue polishing the quality even after launch and be looking out for community feedback.

Even comparing the state of the translation work and voice over work in the two betas versus the demo, there was a marked increase – half of the dialog was still Chinese in the betas up through level 15, for example, yet it was closer to being 80% in that same level range during the demo. A lot of the English you heard in the demo when you played it was still in Chinese during the beta.

So the intent from this particular team from Gameforge is to continue fixing and improving the localization even after the game is launched.

Whatever my.games (aka my.com, and the publisher of RO) did with Revelation Online to let it remain in a half-translated state, it looks like Gameforge is not going to be making that mistake.

Hydlide S

I mean, my.games said the exact same thing and just left it a broken mess and I don’t necessarily trust Gameforge with anything.

If you’re releasing a game into a certain language, you should spend the money and fully translate it before launch. “Vastly improved” is not an option when you’re charging people money for a game. This isn’t an early access game, it’s a full release.

I supposed we’ll see at launch but I don’t expect it to be 100% translated after a month of work, even if the demo was a very old release compared to what they were working on.

It’s weird how gamers nowadays just settle for unpolished games.


I mean, my.games said the exact same thing and just left it a broken mess and I don’t necessarily trust Gameforge with anything.

I mean, my.games and Gameforge are two separate companies.

My.games clearly screwed up. That has no bearing on whether or not Gameforge is going to carry through on their end of things or not.

Either Gameforge has completed it, and the polish they were talking about is improvements to what was finished before and fixing typos/goofs (even top tier teams like the localization team for FFXIV has these from time to time – one such goof revealed the existence of the Hrothgar before they were announced) as the game continues after launch.

Or there are some lingering elements of voice work in Chinese that are still around (I’m still confused how you got 50% Chinese and 50% English in the demo – that was far from what I experienced in that same stretch of content at the same time) and those will both stand out for players trying the game and will need to be fixed asap.

Either way, my.games and their failures with Revelation Online have zero bearing on what happens.

Though honestly, a few missing bits of voice work or some translations that need some fixing and improving are far from enough to make me not want to play a game where I enjoy the aesthetic, the combat, and adore the housing (one of the best systems I’ve seen), and offers a cash shop approach that I support in it being truly cosmetic only and wish more games that lack subscriptions and so rely on cash shops would take their approach…

In light of all that, skipping out on the game because some lines didn’t get translated/voiced over in time for a launch date feels pretty dang petty in the long run.