Guild Wars 2 brings back the Twisted Marionette next week, teases End of Dragons voice actor

Way back in April, ArenaNet dropped its summer 2021 roadmap for Guild Wars 2, and among the planned updates was the return of the Twisted Marionette boss from 2014. In fact, the date given was precise: July 13th. As it turns out, ArenaNet’s going to nail that date, as it’s just revealed that next week’s patch, which includes the legendary armory, will indeed bring back the fabled encounter with the most horrifying puppet in MMOland.

“Scarlet Briar terrorized Lornar’s Pass with her watchwork superweapon, the Twisted Marionette, shortly before her devastating assault on the city of Lion’s Arch. Tyria’s heroes organized a rapid counterassault, severed its chain tethers, and reduced it to an ominous but inert pile of scrap. Those who fought the Twisted Marionette years ago still remember—and so do the Mists. Travel to the Eye of the North with your squad and bring the marionette down once more to stop its memory from reinforcing itself in reality. Speak with the Mist Stranger near the Scrying Pool to get caught up on how you and your allies can interrupt the Twisted Marionette’s power, progress the global community goal, and earn achievements and rewards.”

Expect the bonus event for the first week after launch, then the Twisted Marionette battle will be converted to a permanent squad mission.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, last night the official Twitter account teased the addition of Noshir Dalal to the End of Dragons voice acting cast. Dalal has an epic resume in TV, film, and theater… and video games too, as you’ve heard him in games and especially trailers for SWTOR, League of Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2, The Division, Fallout 76, and gobs more.

Source: Official site, press release, Twitter. Cheers, Bruno!
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