league of legends

Official Site: League of Legends
Studio: Riot Games
Launch Date: October 27, 2009
Genre: MOBA
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac

Riot Games was reportedly working on a Smash Bros-style League of Legends platform brawler

What would happen if you blended together the platform brawling of Super Smash Bros. with the character roster of League of Legends? You would...

The Daily Grind: What non-MMO has art you wish you could steal for an MMO?

A while back, MOP's Chris shared an ancient version of the ol' Clickhole "heartbreaking" meme. It doesn't seem to actually be from Clickhole, but...

Perfect Ten: 10 more MMOs you’ve already forgotten ever existed, from Elyon to Defiance

Last year, I assembled a list of 10 former MMOs that not only have ceased to exist but have ceased to be remembered (for...
Theoretically there's a non-jerk version of this out there, but...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ game modes help to refresh its theme park design

League of Legends' game director explained why the MOBA is adding a Vampire Survivors-type mode to make it more like a "theme park," saying,...

Fight or Kite: Battle Crush is a snack-sized take on the mythological battle royale scene

Imagine taking a bit of the theme from SMITE (really the only good part about SMITE in my estimation), the common battle royale grab-and-go...

The MOP Up: Among Us adds three new playable roles

Highly sus game Among Us added three new roles with its latest update: Tracker (keep tabs on Crewmates via the minimap), Noisemaker (make noise...

First Impressions: Corepunk’s MOBA-esque closed alpha was fun – with lots of room to grow

I've got a pretty good poker face, especially when nobody can see my face. So I've been pretty subtle about my excitement for Corepunk...

The Daily Grind: What’s the worst whaling in a multiplayer game you’ve seen in the last year?

This week, mainstream MOBA gamers flipped alllll the tables over Riot Games' gambit to sell a $450 League of Legends cosmetics bundle themed around...

League of Legends asserts that its new anti-cheat tech isn’t bricking player PCs

Earlier this week saw patch 14.9 roll out to League of Legends, which included the release of Vanguard, Riot's bespoke kernel-level anti-cheat program. Unfortunately,...
It's not a good game, Beavis.

‘Evergreen titles and robust content pipelines reign supreme,’ says games industry firm Newzoo

We conveniently had a community discussion on the meaning of old-school when it comes to MMOs earlier this week, so consider that required reading...

League of Legends discusses arena mode, gameplay changes, and a PvE ‘bullet heaven’ mode

Change is a-comin' for several portions of League of Legends, as several devs from Riot Games have come together across multiple blogs and one...

Fight or Kite: Is Epic’s MOBA Paragon just too easy to remake but impossible to succeed?

This past week we got some news regarding Predecessor, a new MOBA game on the way. At first blush, it looks like many other...
Well, points for effort.

Vague Patch Notes: Why in the world do you want the Riot MMO to be a thing?

Let's make something clear right up front: If you came into this column eager to head for the comments section to say, "Well, I...

Vague Patch Notes: Sort your own MMO community, guy

One of the things I note is that every so often - not all the time, but every so often - something will just...

Sea of Thieves readies a preview event, anti-cheat, and sixth anniversary

With Sea of Thieves preparing to debut on the PlayStation 5 next month and "sixth anniversary antics" in full swing, this PvP pirate sim...

The MOP Up: Lost Skies gets downright cozy inside of its ships

Lost Skies' February dev blog showed off some UX work, early prototypes of its weapon damage system, and some super-cozy ship interior concepts. Also, the...

Riot Games’ 2v2 tag fighter Project L is now 2XKO, plans playtests this year and launch in 2025

Riot Games would very likely appreciate it if fans would ignore the layoffs that swept over the studio just a month ago and instead...

Riot Games laid off over 500 people last night, and no we don’t know what it means for the Riot MMO

Riot Games is joining the seemingly endless list of game studios continuing to dump workers overboard: Last night, the company announced it is shedding...

The MOP Up: Valheim’s Christmas surprise

As the nights turn frosty in Valheim, a strange wintry cheer spreads through the land. Could it be... could it be a plum pudding...

Fight or Kite: SMITE has the right vibes but the wrong gameplay for this PvP fan

SMITE is one of the largest MOBAs on the planet and has been for years now. In fact, it's currently celebrating its 10th anniversary!...