Swords of Legends Online reveals the trailer for the Bard, an ‘elegant monk’


Gameforge and Wangyuan Shengtang have been cranking out hype for Swords of Legends Online all week, but this game has only been on the MMO radar about that long, so you’d be forgiven for feeling as if it’s come almost out of nowhere. So far, we’ve seen glimpses of the Reaper, Berserker, and Spellsword classes; today, we’re getting a look at the Bard. The studios describe the Bard as an “elegant monk,” with a focus on ranged DPS and support.

“Bards have a deep and profound understanding of music, knowing how to combine the magical notes of their instruments and unlock powerful spells by channeling the forces of nature. They use this magic to hit their foes from a distance or provide support and succor to their allies with powerful healing melodies. Their versatility makes Bards a welcome addition to any ranks. Whatever the situation, they always strike the right chord! Highly attuned to the sound of the elements, Bards can harmonically tune to the Dao of their allies to heal and strengthen them, or alternatively provoke imbalance in the forces of nature, resulting in powerful attacks which can unleash the full fury of the elements.”

As we’ve previously noted, the game is expected this summer on PC.

Source: Press release via Gematsu
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