Swords of Legends Online offers a video preview of fishing


It’s been a pretty well established fact by this point that Swords of Legends Online is a game that loves to share videos, and while the videos published by this point have been primarily about combat, the latest one would like to reel that back and reel in some fish.

The fishing preview video doesn’t hold too many surprises here. Players go to the fishing guild, get some equipment, find fishing spots, and perform a little minigame in order to yank some fresh fish out of the water. There are achievements to earn, quests to complete, a codex of fish species to fill out, and fish that are not meant to be eaten raw. Of course, fishing is a communal activity as well, so friends can gather together and cast a line if they want. For those who would rather see fishing in action rather than read about it, the video below has got you covered.

source: YouTube
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