One Shots: Bro just wants to hang


I think it’s beyond unfair that because a creature or person is suffering from gigantism that they have to be pigeon-holed into the role of a raid or world boss. Sometimes giant monsters just want to hang, binge some Game of Thrones, and play fantasy football, you know?

Maybe we can make friends with this mob that Minimalistway encountered: “I still remember first time I saw this world boss in Queensdale while still a beginner in Guild Wars 2. I was in awe of its sheer size and afraid to get close, but now I hit it in the face with my bear Jeffery.”

Bosses love to be hit in the face with bears. Proven fact.

Hikari is putting on the pinkest of all laser light shows in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Please do not look directly at this photo, as you could suffer irreparable eye damage as a result.

RimaHadley took us into the yellow-green woods of Qitana Ravel in Final Fantasy XIV. Definitely seems like this would be a great place to set up a tree fort and spend a lazy summer afternoon chucking acorns at squirrels.

Utakata is so very blue in Blade and Soul, but that’s not going to keep this intrepid adventurer from saving the world and/or making that frozen yogurt run before the store closes!

And finally, it appears that Vincent has made friends with a roadster potato in FFXIV. Vroom vroom! You must be this tall to ride this ride!

Keep the good times rolling by showing off some of your best screenshots from this past week — along with a description or story! I’ll see you down in the comments.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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I enjoy it when games have extra little details that aren’t necessary but add to the overall vibe the game has. One such example is from Swords of Legends Online, a game I’ve been checking out during its beta phases. It taking place in a Xianxia setting, there’s the running quickly that includes impossible jumps and spins that are as graceful as they are impractical. And then I discovered that when sprinting over deep water – you continue to sprint. And every so often you do this extra little animation where your character just kind of twirls and flies over the water for a couple seconds and dips the hand in, as if they are having a blast doing what they are doing, and then leaps up out of the water for a moment before settling back into the graceful but measured leaps.


Though it was a traditional place of pilgrimage for Keepers of the Moon like Mihri, it had been a rare occasion growing up that her family made it to the mark of Menphina the Lover, goddess of the Moon, in Coerthas. In her current profession as a traveling adventurer, she made the journey far more often.

Bryan Correll

I had misunderstood the effect the ‘Great Migration’ atlas passive would have before stepping into this particular Mesa map in PoE. Luckily Einhar brought LOTS of nets.


Since there was no theme this week (not that themes really matter much any way), I present a Priestess or Wizard cat in fancy outfit bearing quests in ESO.


You will find it hits all the sweet spots for what is popular here in this column.

Bright color saturation

JRPG element such as cat in a fancy outfit

Features a cute cat


Waiting for a world boss to spawn, and a dead boss.


As always my picture taking process is, yeah looks cool, presses printscreen.


I’m confused here, you asked for monochromatic, I looked up the definition and I provided it, that new guy Ghalesh who does the landscapes completely nailed it.

Yet again you went with the standard people, and I don’t mean to judge but only two of the submissions were actually completely Monochromatic, that would be Utakata’s submission, and RimaHadley’s submission. The GW2’s shot had a similar tone but a multiple color palate, the FF14 shot at the bottom wasn’t monochromatic at all, the Phantasy Star Online environment was just superimposed by a spell effect.

But notice it’s almost always the usual suspects.

So explain to me how this failed to meet the criteria?


I’m just saying there’s really no rhyme or reason to your selections sometimes other than lack of submissions, familiarity of the poster’s name, or an aesthetic bias towards JRPGs.

Vincent Clark

Right…so, a few thoughts. I post my screenshots here because I like showing off FFXIV and I think it’s cool that this site provides that opportunity. It’s genuinely never in the hopes that I will be “featured”…in fact, in most cases, I go against the assignment anyway.

I’m just not sure why this is the second week in a row that you’ve made a point to rant about the so called selection process here. Does it matter? Do you want Justin to release a bullet point spreadsheet that lists his (and the staff’s) specific requirements to be “featured”? In what way would that make a difference?? Is there some kind of prize to be had here that I just don’t know about???

It all seems a bit silly and you kind of take the fun out of sharing them in the first place.

Side note: ^^that is a cool shot.


I’m suggesting there’s a bias, the same people are usually always selected regardless of theme, that screen shot made me late for work getting it right so that I could follow the rule set.

I get people share them for fun, but there is a trend; I could go through a year and find the same names pop up consistently regardless of theme.

I do not think it’s a person bias per say but I do think it’s a thematic bias, usually JRPGs. Or anything extremely color saturated, unfortunately that precludes ESO in most cases which has a more subdued color palate.

Sometimes the selections make no sense such as the fashion faux theme where I hid the actual shot in similar posed shots, yet they didn’t pick the actual fashion faux shot.


The actual fashion faux shot

Bruno Brito

I’m suggesting there’s a bias

And? One Shots is not a contest.


This is an ESO screenshot, by default they’re all ugly due to heavily desaturated colors and too much of dark brown/gray colors, this is why they are rarely selected :-P

Seriously, though, the screenshots are always selected randomly, regardless of the topic of screenshots. If you don’t like that your own screenshots are not selected – just don’t post them.

Kickstarter Donor

No exciting story for this one, just my Fallout 76 character, currently reliving my olden Scouting days, encountering the Mothman cult appropriating an old church for a cool lookin shrine. If there’s one thing Fallout games have in spades, it’s atmosphere.

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I will just post 2 beautiful scenery from Ardenweald (Shadowlands zone). These circle trees really makes the screenshots.

Also, I think it would be very cool if we could be a raid boss. Or better, control all the mobs and bosses in a raid/dungeon.

2021-06-18 19_43_43-World of Warcraft.jpg
2021-06-18 19_43_28-World of Warcraft.jpg
Ardra Diva

Let the free peoples rejoice, for the King has returned. He hoists the banner of the White Tree. He will be Elessar, and mankind will be saved.

Vincent Clark

First off, thanks for including one of my shots in the “line-up” this week! I don’t want to over indulge this week, so just 2 shots from me. The addition of explorer mode in FFXIV has been a dream–especially the ability to capture our LB3s in a screenshot :)