Swords of Legends Online showcases the Reaper and Berserker classes


Last week we were pointed in the direction of Swords of Legends Online, a Chinese action MMORPG that made the surprise announcement of its impending westward arrival this summer via Gameforge. As reason would stand, the game wants to hype itself up, and what better way than by showcasing gameplay of the MMO’s six classes?

First, we get a look at the Reaper, who are scythe-wielding combatants that manipulate the power life and command the shadows. The Reaper has two specs: an Assassin melee DPS form that’s chock-full of purple energy-enhanced scythe swipes, and the Occultist, a support class that puts down a whole bevy of area-of-effect abilities and (presumably) debuffs foes.

Next there’s the Berserker, who use immense swords and can call upon a wolf pet. This class similarly has two different specs: the melee DPS-focused Slayer, which pretty much is just what it sounds like (right until it surfs on its sword at one point), and the Drunken Master tank form that features a lot of AoE damaging abilities.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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