Swords of Legends will have a crapton of PvP modes when it launches


Gameforge continues pumping out videos and teasers for Swords of Legends Online. Following up on the PvP teaser we ran earlier this week, the company has pushed out a deeper-dive into the upcoming MMO’s PvP modes.

“it’s the game’s varied game modes that really round out the experience. Band together with two allies to defeat an opposing team in the 3v3 Garden of Blades, or engage in the all-out 30-hero clash in the Battle of the Continents. Fans of Capture the Flag and Battle Royale will feel at home in the battlegrounds, as they explore the Haizhou Fort, Land of Emerald Clouds, Battle in the Sands, and more!”

Battle in the Sands looks like PvPvM 10v10, Haizhou Fort is a 10v10 capture-the-flag mode, Land of Emerald Clouds is a 30-person battle royale, Realm of the Fire Elements is a 15v15 territory-holding mode, and Garden of Blades is 3-persona arena deathmatching – plus there’s an arena and dueling system too.

As we’ve noted, the first closed beta is kicking off tomorrow. Gameforge is already prepping its first event, and it’s, er, pandemic-themed. “Wash those hands on three separate days, and you’ll receive an Anti-Epidemic Stamp each time,” the studio says. The three stamps can be combined to unlock a special avatar and avatar frame. All players who unlock the avatar and frame will also get a special cuddly and responsible mount on game release: the Masked Panda!”

Source: Press release


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I don’t do PVP, at all. So I’m just curious – is having a ton of PVP modes a good thing? I thought one of the possible issues for PVP games was splitting up the playerbase? I know I’ve seen it as an argument against (for example) adding PVE servers / areas. “No, we can’t do that, everyone will just hide out in the PVE zones and there won’t be any PVP!”

So I really lack the context to know – does having a lot of PVP modes split up the audience, or is the additional choice a good thing?


Two sides of a medaillon. No one invested in PvP wants to do the same thing all the time and giving the players a range of options is sensible BUT you need to have enough players invested in PvP in the first place. You need to attract a big enough crowd initially and *then* you need to keep them entertained. Now I don’t think the western market has enough of a pvp-playerbase to keep something like this going, otherwise there would have been at least one game which succeeded with a pvp-centric approach in the long term. As it stands most players seem to focus on PvE and PvP is just something they do when they become bored. Of course, this entirely subjective but most games which focussed on PvP became wastelands pretty fast or shifted their focus. The only real exception I can think of is DAoC and that’s from another era entirely, with a very different playerbase.


Is there like BDO Siege?

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina



Listen the panda is cute but I don’t need a COVID reminder every time I hop on my mount for the next couple of years. I’d like to bury this year in a dark, dusty hole somewhere in the back of my brain and leave it there.

Glenn Woods

Same here but I think its far from over . :(


The idea of pitting you in PvP modes against bots your first couple of games to get you used to the mechanics is a brilliant QoL addition. Cautiously excited.