Swords of Legends will have a crapton of PvP modes when it launches


Gameforge continues pumping out videos and teasers for Swords of Legends Online. Following up on the PvP teaser we ran earlier this week, the company has pushed out a deeper-dive into the upcoming MMO’s PvP modes.

“it’s the game’s varied game modes that really round out the experience. Band together with two allies to defeat an opposing team in the 3v3 Garden of Blades, or engage in the all-out 30-hero clash in the Battle of the Continents. Fans of Capture the Flag and Battle Royale will feel at home in the battlegrounds, as they explore the Haizhou Fort, Land of Emerald Clouds, Battle in the Sands, and more!”

Battle in the Sands looks like PvPvM 10v10, Haizhou Fort is a 10v10 capture-the-flag mode, Land of Emerald Clouds is a 30-person battle royale, Realm of the Fire Elements is a 15v15 territory-holding mode, and Garden of Blades is 3-persona arena deathmatching – plus there’s an arena and dueling system too.

As we’ve noted, the first closed beta is kicking off tomorrow. Gameforge is already prepping its first event, and it’s, er, pandemic-themed. “Wash those hands on three separate days, and you’ll receive an Anti-Epidemic Stamp each time,” the studio says. The three stamps can be combined to unlock a special avatar and avatar frame. All players who unlock the avatar and frame will also get a special cuddly and responsible mount on game release: the Masked Panda!”

Source: Press release

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