LOTRO shutting down Ithil progression server, offers free transfers


Back when Lord of the Rings Online rolled out its progression server Anor back in November 2018, the response was so overwhelming that SSG quickly activated a second game world, Ithil, to hold the overflow. But since then, Ithil has suffered low population, causing players to call for a merge between progression servers.

This is sort of happening next month, as SSG announced yesterday that it is going to shut down Ithil on June 15th and offer free character transfers for everyone on the shard to either Anor or a regular ruleset server in North America or Europe. Players are being urged to log in to clear out their mailboxes and abandon kinship houses to help with the transfers.

“Ithil was initially opened in response to a large number of players logging into Anor during the launch of our Legendary Worlds, and while it has been home to many players since then, its population has always been among the lowest of our game worlds,” SSG explained. “Anor will remain home to our existing Legendary World experience while we bring out new server events and options in the future.”

Source: LOTRO. Thanks Stormwaltz!
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