Preloading for Swords of Legends Online’s first western beta has begun


If for some reason you’re not all tuckered out from the absolute deluge of beta tests and launches we’re having this May, then Swords of Legends Online would like to pencil you in for its beta too. Pre-downloading for this weekend’s test event began last night, regardless of whether you’re using Gameforge’s client or the Steam codebase.

“We are happy to inform you that the pre-download for Swords of Legends Online Beta is now available both on Steam and the Gameforge Client! Please note that as a Steam owner you will see a separate ‘Beta’ application in your library. […] Beware we will release an additional game patch before the Beta starts later this week so please make sure to update your client.”

As we’ve previously noted, this leg of the western beta begins Friday, May 21st, and runs through the 25th. But there’s a second event queued up for after Memorial Day; that one runs June 1st to June 8th. Nope, we still don’t know when it’s launching, apart from this summer.


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Eric Gray Jr.

Free to play betas of any kind, from my experience, offer a much better stress testing ground for these kinda events.

If the game is legit buy to play, but your audience is mainly those watching instead of experiencing it (cause let’s face it, watching someone play an mmo; even if they try to spice it up with friends on mic; is boring as hell) your game won’t gain enough traction, especially if it’s a new IP.

Dug From The Earth

Is the beta only available to people who pre-order?


Unless you were gifted/won a key by other means. Preorder through steam or their site and you get into the beta. I’d suggest steam as the refund policy is good.

Dug From The Earth

steam in the past has counted beta play time towards the 2 hours of the purchase, making refunds difficult.

Im really sick of the “buy the game, to test the game” brainwashing companies have done, and how so many people are seemingly just ok with it.


It isn’t a test, its a preview, there is nothing they can change between now and launch, so testing is pointless.

But agree, paying to get in sucks.

Cloud Heir

There will be open beta they did say