Swords of Legends Online puts out a trailer for its minigames

It has a sense of humor!

Did you know that Swords of Legends Online has minigames? Because it totally does, including what apparently is just Bomberman for those of you who like to get some of that going between your sessions of hunting ghosts. No, really; watch the trailer for it just below. That’s Bomberman. You can just run around and play Bomberman, or at least a version of that classic game with a gigantic antler pig occasionally running around and destroying everything.

Between the music and the cute minigames, it’s definitely a departure from the usual style of the game, but it’s also a welcome change of pace and signals the variety of activities on offer for players. SOLO launches on July 9th, and if your interest is piqued by the aforementioned¬†Antler Pig Bomberman minigame… we honestly cannot blame you, that looks like something else.

Source: YouTube
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