The Daily Grind: Do you enjoy fishing in your MMOs?

Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons with my wife means getting used to the reality that I have to do fishing. The game doesn't really...
Reckon that's a bit pointless.

Overwatch now has a Tetris version thanks to the player workshop

Yes, that headline really is what it looks like. Reddit user Ochotonida decided to take the multiplayer shooter that is Overwatch and use it to...

Fight or Kite: Guild Wars 2’s best PvP mode isn’t what you think it is – it’s minigames

One could certainly argue that Guild Wars 2’s primary focus is that of a PvE, story driven game. Hell, I’d make that argument. Yet,...
How is this real.

Project Gorgon goes from craps tables to speed D&D gambling

Watching Project Gorgon's development is almost as fun as actually playing the game, and with the game's next patch meant to feature gambling heavily,...
Oh, this looks much nicer.

Allods Online introduces a new resort with its 8.0 update

Pretty much every game that has some sort of in-game resort has exactly the same sort of in-game resort, and it's on a beach....
Try your luck.

Final Fantasy XIV brings a new event to the Gold Saucer

Has your fervor for the Gold Saucer died down a bit? It's understandable if it has. That emporium of minigames and fantastic prizes hasn't...
Just throw on any old gear.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has your favorite non-combat pets?

Non-combat pets are one of those things that lots of MMOs have hanging around in their own ways. They're little vanity rewards that allow...

Life is Feudal transforms into an MMO with its March beta test

A long time ago, back in the stone ages of 2014, Bitbox did alpha testing for its upcoming MMO, Life is Feudal. It was an...
A bigger and blacker... oh, god, the jokes are really accidental.

Final Fantasy XIV devotes a full trailer to Lord of Verminion’s strategic pet battles

If you've never played Final Fantasy XIV or stopped playing some time ago, you might not be aware of the fact that there's a...
You have clearly been preparing for this day.

Final Fantasy XIV previews the upcoming Lord of Verminion mini-game

If you've got an extensive minion collection in Final Fantasy XIV and want to throw down to see if your minions can beat up...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most addictive collection minigame you’ve played?

I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed: Rogue here lately, and while it's certainly no MMO, it has managed to remind me of...
This must have been some party.

Shroud of the Avatar on mines and minigames

Having the ability to move things in a game world usually leads to player inventiveness. It's how Shroud of the Avatar community member Bambino...
It's an old deck, I swear.

The Daily Grind: Do you want minigames in your MMO?

I won't pretend that I'm one of the biggest fans of the game, but I'm really glad that Triple Triad is a thing in...
Are you not entertained?

Wisdom of Nym: Gold Saucer impressions in Final Fantasy XIV

After a madcap week, I got to come home to the Gold Saucer. Traveling to Seattle on short notice was a mixture of the...