Project Gorgon goes from craps tables to speed D&D gambling

How is this real.

Watching Project Gorgon’s development is almost as fun as actually playing the game, and with the game’s next patch meant to feature gambling heavily, that’s very prominent with the latest story from the game on Twitter. The developers were working hard on implementing a craps table into the game to serve as one of the gambling centerpieces, but they ran into a problem when it turns out that craps is only fun in real life and doesn’t involve much skill. But they already had the dice-rolling NPCs! What do you do with this work?

If you said that you create a version of Dungeons & Dragons with gambling which should take about 1-2 minutes to play a session, that is absolutely insane and also exactly what happened. Monsters and Mantises places you in the role of a Mantis explorer fighting monsters, leveling up, and gambling for money while you strategize about your approach. It’s coming with the next patch, and it’s as much about skill as luck. It’s also a symptom of why Project Gorgon remains so wonderfully, wonderfully weird.

Source: Twitter

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What’s a Farmer, his Cow, his Florist, and his Psychologist have in common?

Apparently, they all play Monsters & Mantises together.

Personally, I prefer the Trailspotters system, especially once M&M’s 4.0 came out.


Looking forward to it. I’m curious if it will succeed on the longer run to be a community hub; it’s clear to me that PG needed some other hub alongside the starting town, but it’s not clear at all why that wouldn’t be Rahu, a lvl 60 city that was started with this intention. But Rahu hasn’t become a second hub, it’s missing stuff like gardening vendor, and feels somehow unfinished because of it. I don’t know why a totally new lvl 40 area would be more suitable than finishing Rahu to see if people will choose it more than today. We’ll see.

Nick Smith

Getting better and better :)

Rolan Storm


Bruno Brito



i wish the presentation of this game (graphics/ui) were at least presentable, but the bar there is so low that it’s really difficult to get into this game.

i don’t need aaa graphics, far from it, but there is a certain floor that is just not met with this game.


Tried it yesterday and while there are some wonderful aspects to the design, the UI and graphics aren’t one of them.
Look, I HATE being the guy that says graphics matter. Hell, I play Dwarf Fortress when I’m feeling masochistic, but this is nearly Castle Wolfenstein ugly. I mean the first one.


I feel thats a bit hyperbolic. The game isn’t a looker but I would say maybe later PS2 graphics wise besides the UI.