project gorgon

Official Site: Project Gorgon
Studio: ElderGame
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Working As Intended: The top 10 hot tubs in MMORPGs

It's been a running joke for a few years that I always put hot tubs in my MMO houses whenever possible, and once that...

The Daily Grind: What’s your most-used consumable in MMORPGs?

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Heck yeah, Valve is finally fixing Steam Family Sharing so it doesn’t suck

Last night, Valve announced a major - and long-awaited and desperately needed - revamp of its existing "family sharing" system so good that actual,...
We stan a king.

Project Gorgon baked you a cake to celebrate its sixth anniversary on Steam

On this week's MOP Podcast, I mentioned that I bought Project Gorgon when it first hit early access on Steam, but I couldn't remember...

Project Gorgon’s February update buffs the in-game map and adds a Hardcore Living skill

Should it be illegal to put out an MMO patch and patch notes at 7:25 p.m. on a Friday night? Yes, definitely, tar and...

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Indulge me, MMO fans, for just a minute for a makeup analogy. If you follow makeup trends, you know that for the last year...

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Embers Adrift is probably never going to be my MMORPG, but damn I'm proud of Stormhaven Studios. Yes, I have a soft spot for...

Massively Overthinking: Do you care more about MMO stats or looks?

This week's Massively Overthinking is fully inspired by the unicorn backpack meme, which Black Desert studio Pearl Abyss tweeted out last week with the caption "stats over looks any day." You know we have to talk about this.

Massively Overthinking: Open world difficulty and puzzles in MMOs

During last week's press event ahead of the Gold Road announcement, Elder Scrolls Online's Rich Lambert said something I thought would turn out to...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPGs have a permanent place on your desktop?

On the MOP Podcast a while back, I mentioned that Project Gorgon had made its way into a permanent home on my PC, which...

Project Gorgon’s Eric Heimberg talks influences, design, and the future of the MMO

The beginning of January saw YouTuber MarleMMO host an interview with Project Gorgon's Sandra Powers, when she talked about her experience with design, her...

Project Gorgon unloads an even bigger boss gauntlet challenge with last week’s patch

Smacking down the rogue's gallery of crazy bosses in Project Gorgon isn't exactly the goal of the game, but it is an amusing and...

The Daily Grind: Do you track your MMO gaming habits from year to year?

Steam's customized "year in review" report captured everyone's attention for a hot minute back in December. All over social media and in my favorite Discords,...

Project Gorgon’s Sandra Powers on the MMORPG’s features, its fiscal future, and the broader genre

The story of 2023 for Project: Gorgon was a remarkable one to say the least, as it faced possible maintenance mode and serious illness...

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For our first Massively Overthinking of the year, we're drawing a hard line between what we think will happen, what we mean to make...

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Massively Overthinking: Our MMO resolutions for 2024

Stop right there. I know you're about to object and say that you don't do resolutions, let alone MMO resolutions. That's fine. A lot...
The scholar sees when you do not index things, and he is not impressed.

End-of-year Eleven: The best value MMORPGs at the end of 2023

I have been told that if I start another one of these columns musing on the abstract meaning of "value" as I have for...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best player community as of 2023?

"Best community" is one of our recurring Daily Grind topics every year, and I always stick it on Christmas because I can't stand the...