project gorgon

Official Site: Project Gorgon
Studio: ElderGame
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

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Project Gorgon’s Q&A gives a cancer update, shares why a weather magic skill line was killed

A recent town hall Q&A over at Project Gorgon kicked off with a somber-but-optimistic update concerning lead developer Sandra Powers and her ongoing battle...

Project Gorgon adds cosmetic system, slashes Steam price through May

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Project Gorgon’s early access updates with new Eltibule content and interface adjustments

Not quite a month ago, we learned the disheartening news that one of the key Project Gorgon developers was undergoing cancer treatments, leading to...

Project Gorgon acknowledges development delays as key dev contends with a ‘rare form of cancer’

Fans of the upcoming indie MMORPG Project Gorgon were given incredibly disheartening news this week as it was revealed that one of the lead...

Project Gorgon adds horses and riding in this week’s early access update

Mounts have come to Project Gorgon in this week's patch, Elder Game announced on its forums yesterday afternoon. "In this update, you can learn to...

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Project Gorgon added a new six-person level 85 endgame dungeon right before the holidays

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Project Gorgon adds Alharth’s holiday season, preps level 85 dungeon for next week

Early access MMORPG Project Gorgon has had an interesting year: Last spring, it added an optional subscription, a sub perks system, and an offline...

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Project Gorgon’s latest patch has added animal husbandry and a town players can level up

Project Gorgon's fall update is upon us this week. "There's a new high-level zone, several new skills to find, and a metric tonne of...

Project Gorgon teases its August patch, with five new non-combat skills

It's been a month and change since we peeked into Project Gorgon, and if you just follow the game on Twitter, you will have...

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Battle Bards Episode 196: Project Gorgon

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