Allods Online introduces a new resort with its 8.0 update

Oh, this looks much nicer.

Pretty much every game that has some sort of in-game resort has exactly the same sort of in-game resort, and it’s on a beach. It’s always on a beach. But some people don’t even like beaches all that much! So full marks should go to Allods Online for introducing a new resort in its latest large patch; the Winter Atoll is a land of cold entertainment where you can bundle up, have some hot drinks, and enjoy snow-covered landscapes. It’s all part of the big 8.0 update coming soon.

If you get tired of just sipping hot chocolate and staring, of course, there’s more to be done in the Winter Atoll. There’s ice skating, mountain climbing, fortress sieges, snowboarding, and ice fishing, all of which reward the local currency that can be exchanged for food and beverage. It’s all an entertaining diversion, but if you enjoy the cold months more than the warm ones, it’ll likely be a welcome diversion. And who doesn’t want to climb a mountain in the snow?


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