Galactic Getaway offers a video rundown of gameplay, multiplayer scope, and monetization model


Last month we pointed our gaze in the direction of Galactic Getaway, a comfy-looking multiplayer game that predicated itself on players enjoying minigames together or creating their own perfect resort out in space for friends to enjoy. If that little preview got you curious to learn more, the team at Akrew have a little synopsis video just for you.

In the video, the self-described “cozy life sim party game” offers a look at some of its features in action. Players start off on their own planet with their own house that they can decorate as they see fit, while getting more decorations is done by earning minigame rewards and using them to purchase from a “huge” catalog of items. Eventually, players will be able to upgrade their planet to a deluxe version, which opens up the creation of a resort town that can be further customized.

On the multiplayer front, the video gives us a look at its planned scale: Up to 60 players can be on a planet together at one time to build and decorate as they see fit, while minigames can support up to 12 players at once. Finally, the game will be free-to-play and promises a purely cosmetic cash shop.

A release date is still yet to be pinned down, but players can wishlist the title on Steam and get an overview of what to expect in the video below.

source: Twitter
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