Galactic Getaway will let you make your own outer space vacation resort


It’s the end of March — are you ready for a vacation? We could all use one, no doubt, and if you can’t get away physically, then a virtual destination is what the digital doctor proscribed. There’s an upcoming multiplayer game called Galactic Getaway that promises to be the “ultimate vacation destination” for the weary traveler.

The title, which is not dated as of now, will bundle together a number of space-themed minigames for you and your friends to tackle. It also vows to put a premium on character customization (which looks a lot like the Wii Mii avatars or Animal Crossing: New Horizon) and even a personalized resort.

“If all that adventure gets too tiring, why not kick back and relax in your very own resort?” the studio asked. “You’ll be able to decorate your space to your heart’s content, and even invite your friends over for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. With tons of customization options, you’ll be able to create a vacation paradise that’s uniquely yours.”

The Steam site mentions the game will be cross-platform, and we double-checked with the studio, which confirmed that it’ll launch on mobile and the Switch as well.

Source: Steam
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