Call of Dragons is a PC and mobile MMORTS that lets players ‘dominate the battlefield with behemoths both furry and fire-breathing’


If there’s one thing that MMORPG gaming has taught me, it’s that most of my problems would be better handled if I had a bear at my beck and call. Arguments would wither, fights would stop before they start, and I could also possibly ride the bear as a mount like anyone could stop me. Commanding a bear – or other behemoths for that matter – is the calling card of Call of Dragons, a new game from Chinese publisher Farlight Games and developer Legou Games that lets players command armies and behemoths into battle.

A gameplay overview points out the title’s variety of content including PvE, guild questing, and GvG PvP combat, all with the promise of multiple unit types and fantastical behemoths that can be commanded to win the day. Getting a behemoth under heel is one of the primary goals, as players will have to fight their chosen beast in order to be able to summon it on the battlefield. The game also makes a great deal of noise about how units can be healed for free, which seems to encourage a bit of reckless abandon in terms of combat strategy.

Call of Dragons is available globally on PC, iOS, and Android for free for those who are curious to take a peek. And if you are doing so, perhaps consider having a bear for your first behemoth friend.

sources: press release, official site
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