Myst Online Uru Live dev shows off an original Myst V puzzle coming soon to the multiplayer title


Who here remembers the puzzles of the Great Shaft in Myst V? We appreciate if your memory doesn’t stretch quite that far, which means fans of the series could relive a version of that location in the open-sourced Myst Online: Uru Live. However, the multiplayer version of the location and the original look to be getting a little closer to parity according to some recent developer footage.

The video in question comes from a dev on the project by the name of Doobes, who notes that the footage is a test of a specific floor puzzle at the bottom of the Great Shaft that has been adapted from Myst V to work in Myst Online. There are no details on when this update will arrive, but it’s certainly not the first time new content has been applied to this long-running title, as readers will remember original developer Cyan Worlds added its own new Age and opened up a bunch of official assets, which in turn saw a fan create an Age for the game himself.

The video below will either inject a wave of nostalgia into your veins or make you a little lost, which arguably are the two sides of the Myst coin, but either way it looks like Myst Online is still evolving to this very day.

source: YouTube via Reddit
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