Swords of Legends Online continues to focus its updates on cash shop items instead of content


At the top of this year we wondered whatever happened to Swords of Legends Online and found that the answer was a continually updating cash shop… and not much else. We’re circling back to this one again in the vain hope that playable content updates were being made, but it looks like that is not the case.

Flipping through the update history on Steam shows literally nothing happening but cash shop item additions and sales that offer additional cash shop currency when bundles are bought. The outfit bundles in question even follow seasonal themes and hint at their release as events, while playable events or new content updates have not been developed or released, as the patch notes section of the forums merely announce regular server maintenance.

This maintenance moding/development focus continues to earn the ire of fans as Steam reviews primarily lay the blame on publisher Gameforge. Whatever the reason or the culprit, SOLO continues to appear dead in the water.

sources: Steam (1, 2), official forums
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