Myst Online introduces a new fan-made Age to its open-sourced world


The next Age of Myst Online is here — but this time it’s the players, rather than the development team, that’s taking the community forward in time.

The somewhat open-sourced adventure MMO announced that it was unveiling the “Age of Fahets” this weekend, created by player Keith Lord. “Fahets: Highgarden is a small garden area in the Age of Fahets and is the first Age that I wrote,” said Lord, who is a popular player that goes by the name “Tweek.”

This isn’t the only fun treat for Myst fans. Cyan Worlds announced that it’s getting “closer” to releasing its next game, a Myst-like spiritual successor called Firmament. Interestingly, this project roped in Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Deimer to help with the music. This VR project raised $1.4 million in crowdfunding a few years back.

Curious about this game and it’s quirky history that dates back to the ’90s? Check out our Game Archaeologist retrospective on Myst Online.

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