Closers celebrates four years by tasking players with collecting letters and spelling words


Closers has now been in operation for four years and the game is eager to celebrate with its players. How will it be celebrating, you may ask? By making players gather letters and spell words among other things, apparently.

Players can get a random letter or number tile by clearing event dungeons, then use those tiles to spell out words and phrases for a variety of rewards. Tiles come in two different rarities as do event rewards, and five unused tiles can be combined into one random tile if players are missing a needed letter or number.

There’s more than word games involved in Closers’ fourth anniversary, mercifully. Every weekend in February will see various buffs applied to characters and a number of login rewards to gather, and the game’s cash shop is marking the occasion with a celebratory transmitter and a fourth anniversary package. Dates, details, and timing are all outlined on the website.

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