Not So Massively: Hearthstone’s Lunar New Year, Apex Legend’s Defiance, LoL’s Renata

Plus: Legends of Runeterra 3.1.0, Apex Legends Mobile soft launch


Welcome back to a quick roundup of news and events in the Not-So-Massively multiplayer realm!

Hearthstone – Lunar New Year begins in Blizzard’s OTCG as of today, with a player-designed card back, the Lunar Blessings tavern brawl, a legendary quest chain, and so many skins.

Apex Legends – If you’re still sad about the sunset of Defiance last year, I’m afraid you’re going to be jolted every time EA and Respawn use the word for Apex Legends’ latest update, which includes the new playable Mad Maggie, third anniversary, and new 9v9 Control map. Expect it out next week on February 8th.

Apex Legends Mobile – And speaking of Apex Legends, the mobile version is promising a soft launch… but only for gamers in specific countries in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Latin America. Pre-registration for those gamers is available on Google Play.

League of Legends – The “chem baroness” Renata Glasc has been fully revealed for Riot’s MOBA. “Renata Glasc, the Chem Baroness, is the 159th champion in League of Legends and will be joining the Rift in Patch 12.4,” Riot says. “Introduced as a Support, Renata Glasc descends from a family of resourceful and altruistic Zaunite alchemists. Thanks to her foresight and business acumen, she grows up to be an important figure in the district. Ambitious and with an advanced technological heritage, she plans to go beyond the borders of Zaun.”

Legends of Runeterra – Meanwhile, over in the Runeterra TCG, Riot is prepping the February 3.2.0 expansion with the 3.1.0 patch and notes.

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