Former BioWare GM Casey Hudson announces the opening of a new development studio


Readers will recall back in December 2020 that Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare, left his position after 20 years with the studio. Hudson’s name is synonymous with the dev studio’s biggest games including the Mass Effect trilogy and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but most around here are familiar with his work on Anthem.

We bring Hudson up because he announced yesterday on Twitter that he’s opening a brand new development studio called Humanoid Studios, which is working on a new game that promises “innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP.” The studio’s official website can charitably be called bare bones at the moment, but it does note the team is looking to hire several senior-level devs as well as an environment artist and 3-D artist. More information is expected later, but don’t hold your breath for too much news too soon; it looks like this new game is still in its very early stages.

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