BioWare loses GM Casey Hudson and Exec Producer Mark Darrah

House of skulls.

If you felt a seismic shift in the foundation of the world last night, it may be that questionable burrito you bought from 7-11… or it could be the departure of two of BioWare’s biggest executives.

Yesterday evening, the Star Wars: The Old Republic studio announced that General Manager Casey Hudson and Executive Producer Mark Darrah have left the company. A search for a new GM “is underway,” BioWare reported.

Hudson was particularly involved in BioWare’s rocky Anthem, often taking up the mantle of spokesperson to show that the studio was committed to shoring up the sci-fi title with its remake. He had been with the company for 20 years after being hired in 1998 as a junior technical artist, while Darrah has 23 years with BioWare under his belt.

“It’s not an easy decision to make, and big changes like this always come with a certain degree of sadness,” Hudson said in his farewell letter. “I will miss being able to work every day with our inspiring developers on the biggest and most exciting projects I can imagine. But I also know that this is a good time for a change, for both myself and BioWare.”

Source: BioWare. Thanks Panagiotis and Melissa!
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