Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary notes for Tuesday’s patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten

Hope you're not afraid of a lot of reading

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The posting of patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV is a long-respected tradition because they’re always extensive and they first come out before the full patch. As it has always been, as it still is for patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten, which now has its preliminary patch notes available for players to peruse at their pleasure. And as usual there’s a lot in the patch notes, covering the well-known aspects like the addition of a new dungeon as well as a number of additional changes.

For example, players can look forward to new idle poses accessed via the /cpose emote, a selection of new string instruments for the Perform action, and a cleaner roulette layout that also provides a clear indication of which roles are in need. There are also new side story quests for those who have already cleared all of the role quests on the First and more content apparently following what is happening on the First. Check out the full set of preliminary patch notes if you can’t wait until the patch launch on December 8th to learn more.


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