Walmart now has a digital storefront for real-world goods operating from inside of Roblox


Buying things online from Walmart’s website? Like some kind of boomer? That’s so last decade. If you want to take your digital Walmart shopping to the next level, then you fire up Roblox, bring your boxy backside into the Walmart Discovered experience, and buy some real-world items from the digital storefront. We’re living in the future now, everyone. This is what the metaverse is meant to be.

Yes, it’s true: The already existing Walmart digital location, which has been a thing planned by the megastore since 2022, will now let visitors to a new virtual storefront buy up some actual physical items and have them delivered to their door, and even get a virtual version of certain purchases for their Roblox avatars.

This e-commerce integration reads a bit like website shopping with extra fluff: After players try out virtual items on their avatars, they’ll be taken to an in-game browser window that directs to the checkout processes from Walmart’s website.

This whole… thing is accessible only to players 13 and up and available only to US residents, so other countries are being spared this ignominy. Unless there’s a Harrods experience hiding in Roblox somewhere.

source: Digiday via Kotaku
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