Swords of Legends Online’s latest class preview video features the Summoner


Whether it’s wielding the mystical power of an extremely aggressive fox friend or healing allies with the power of sparkle butterflies, the latest class preview video from Swords of Legends Online has it all as it offers a look at the Summoner class in action.

A class that’s attuned with the natural world, the Summoner can enter the fight with one of two specs: Nature’s Wrath, a ranged DPS form that lets players hurt foes with the power of very sparkly spells and an equally sparkly fox-looking familiar; and Nuwa’s Blessing, a support class that appears to be the primary healer/buffer to help teammates get through fights with shiny butterfly energy. Frankly, more MMO groups need shiny butterfly energy.

This newest class preview marks the fifth of the game’s six classes, meaning we’ve got the Spearmaster class yet to see. Until then, fill your eyes with a whole lot of magical glitter in the video below.

source: YouTube

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This game just blipped on my radar last week and i’ve become genuinely curious about it. A Chinese subscription based, non-P2W game which also actually looks at least decently fun to play? I wonder how long it will take before the Western version becomes more P2W than the Chinese one.