Guild Wars 2 players are having a Toga Party on April 24 to raise MS awareness and charity funds


Time for a bit of feel-good philanthropy with Guild Wars 2 as the stage. On Saturday, April 24th, players are invited to an MS Toga Party in Divinity’s Reach being held by Gamers Giving Back, with the goals of raising awareness of multiple sclerosis and raising funds for the MS Society of Canada, with all funds raised going to the charity.

The Toga Party will kick off at 1:00 p.m. EDT for NA players and 7:00 p.m. CEST for EU players, and promises activities like a masquerade-themed fashion contest, hide-and-seek, trivia, and more, while those who take part in the event or donate can be in the running for a variety of prizes.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, players are being put on notice regarding the official forums entering read-only mode between April 21st and 29th as ArenaNet implements new forum software. All discussions and posts will transfer over and the original forum URLs will still work once the software is installed.

sources: press release, Gamers Giving Back, GW2 forums
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