Swords of Legends Online’s Spellsword class will literally throw swords at your face


The class previews for upcoming action MMORPG Swords of Legends Online continue to roll on. Following video previews of the Reaper and Berserker classes comes the Spellsword, which one would assume would be about swinging a sword and casting spells right until the video showcases the first spec, Sword Artist, which is actually a ranged DPS.

“Years spent focusing their energy and magic techniques allow the Spellsword to remain safely out of melee range, using Qi energy to power their flying swords and teleport around the field of combat.”

As with the game’s other classes, the Spellsword has a second spec as well known as the Bladestorm, which actually does end up using the sword like a sword while also utilizing spells and agility to swiftly breeze about the battlefield. So whether you prefer to use a jian as a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, you’ve got options as evidenced in the video below.

Meanwhile, if you’re angling for a crack at the beta, it sounds as if the hoopla and jostling has begun.

source: press release

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All this talk of sword throwing, and my mind went to this scene:


Jeremy Barnes

Throws swords at your face.. reminds me of me mum