Final Fantasy XIV temporarily disables world visits and housing demolition after patch 5.5


If you wanted to get some content done in Final Fantasy XIV yesterday, it was the perfect day to do it, as the arrival of patch 5.5 meant tons of new stuff to do. If, however, you wanted to go visit your friends on another server – or go back to your own because you had been doing that before – yesterday was frustrating as heck. The game’s world visit service is currently not functioning at all, and the latest update from the development team states that it’s expected to be non-functional for several days ahead of a hotfix.

The silver lining for all of this is that if you’re stranded on another world and can’t visit your house, you needn’t worry; housing demolition timers are being temporarily turned off as a courtesy to the people stuck on other servers. It’s still less than an ideal solution, but hopefully that hotfix will be in place sooner rather than later while the developers track down the issue.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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