Warframe rolls out to the Xbox X|S with multiplatform Call of the Tempestarii, now live


If you love the railjack experience in Warframe, you’re going to want to follow the Call of the Tempestarii, which is live on all platforms, including the Xbox Series X|S, as of this week. Digital Extremes is calling it a “new defining moment” for the game, both because of the new railjack and the launch on the X|S.

“Call of the Tempestarii steers players’ down an eerie path of unfulfilled prophecies and ghostly disturbances in an all new lore-based quest,” the studio says. “Heeding a strange beacon call, Railjack AI Cephalon Cy charts a course through harrowing Void Storms and new Corpus boss battles to unveil a haunting story introducing the specter of death, Sevagoth. Completing this Quest sets the stage for even bigger battles later this year.”

“With this retrofitted Railjack update, console players get to experience Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack for the first time. Every aspect has been redesigned to embody the core Warframe experience. With our players’ feedback in mind to improve the Railjack experience, this update was renovated and simplified to produce less grind and less reliance on matchmaking, giving Tenno ample opportunities to more easily engage in epic spaceship battles, slingshot into enemy ships, and collect, fight and explore. Railjack missions now combine Warframe’s fluid parkour combat with epic space battles. Ramped up core reward loops — such as hunting and collecting valuable Arcanes in Void Storms — unlock hard-to-get Warframes and Warframe Primes, such as Ash Prime! Re-worked, improved Command Intrinsics and Avionics Systems, and a hire-able NPC AI crew give battle-ready Tenno more control, more gametime, and less waiting around. NPC crews can be recruited, leveled up, and customized for improved single-player missions. Two new game modes Volatile and Orphix, plus ultra-powerful mech gameplay, round out a new robust, satisfying experience.”

Xbox players are being offered a special $20 bundle with skins and boosters as well.

Source: Press release
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