Swords of Legends Online offers a list of social features to help players come together


Obviously, MMORPGs are better with friends, and while Swords of Legends Online has its fair share of solo-focused themepark questing, there are also a number of social features on offer that hope to get people playing together.

Obviously there’s a chat system to use and an alliance (guild) system that opens up at level 10, but there are some distinct social features in the game as well. SOLO features a mentor and apprentice system that lets players who are linked together in this way play content together and earn unique rewards and titles. Mentors can have up to six apprentices, and apprentices can have up to three mentors. In a similar vein, two players can make Promises to one another, earning friendship levels that unlock new game modes, friendship titles, and special friendship skills.

There’s also a Dragonstar List feature that lets players see player rankings for just about every feature in the game in a given area, such as who has the most gold, who beat dungeons the fastest, or who is the top of the class, which reads less like “social feature” and more like “straight-up snooping.” But hey, it’s just one of the things that are on offer in SOLO.

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