Elyon answers more player questions about PvP, cash shop items, and PvE plans in Reddit AMA


The community manager for Elyon seems to be hard at work. Following a Q&A session held on a fansite’s Discord, Elyon CM Yukimura took to Reddit to open an AMA, fielding a variety of questions from the MMORPG subreddit community.

Many of the questions answered touched on PvP, noting that players can look forward to 100v100 fights, open world PvP (though it will be restricted in areas with so-called “essential gameplay”), a Dimensional Portal area where up to 50 players battle over defeating bosses, and some form of ranking system with associated rewards like “very powerful” transformation effects and high-end gear. On the subject of PvP gear, one answer points out that while there will not be gear normalization in PvP, balancing efforts as well as players’ skill customization “should allow [players] to overcome the differences in gear.”

As far as PvE is concerned, there will be five-player dungeons, leveling content that reportedly will be easier with co-operative play, and a fishing minigame that yields materials for potion and gear crafting to look forward to. The devs have no plans on adding raids, noting, “When considering content with a high difficulty level, we are thinking of ways in which more players can enjoy themselves together rather than a small number of players.” Another answer once more says that there will be airship content “in which many players can board together” but no guild halls.

Finally, while the devs are still generally being cagey regarding the cash shop, one answer does provide a bit more insight into what players can expect on that front.

“At the beginning of the service, you’ll mostly see the classic MMORPG cash shop items – some of them are: pets to help you with loot pick up and give you small miscellaneous/life buffs, outfits (we have not yet decided whether special bonuses will be given or not), warehouse/inventory slot expansions, and premium buffs like a Value Pack. You will be able to try all of the aforementioned items during the CBT1 – we’re looking forward to your feedback.”

source: Reddit, thanks to Protobear for the tip!

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Robert Mann

Biggest question for zone design: “Does essential mean that it’s where the best stuff is, and PvE only players may as well get lost before we even start?”

I mean, we’ve heard code-words just like this thousands of times, and that’s what it’s always meant before. So be clear, Elyon, if that’s not what you want people to assume.


It’s faction based so in your own faction’s zones you’re safe, in the enemy faction’s zone and in the contested areas in the middle you’re not. This fansite has a map you can look at – https://elyon-air.com/map/

The areas above the red spots in the middle belong to red faction, below it are blue faction. As for what spots are good endgame or what “essential” means, I don’t know since I haven’t played.

Jon Wax

Sounds like they have a solid vision for their product but this feels like one of those games where 1 small somewhat overlooked mechanic throws everything outta wack when it becomes discovered and turned into the meta. The pets come with a health buff that the guilds figure out how to stack and pvp becomes westminster dog show or something similar. These days the more layers they throw at it just leaves potential for problems.