More World of Warcraft Update 9.1 discoveries: glasses, bonus rolls, and a mega-dungeon

Oh look,

One has to imagine that World of Warcraft putting a patch on a test server these days must feel like a studio inviting someone over to its house only to have a horde slam through the door, barge through every room, and poke around every cupboard, vent, and closet looking for additional hidden details. Such is the age of datamining.

So what have seekers and peekers found in the Update 9.1 data so far? There are exciting indications that WoW may be introducing glasses after a long spectacle-free existence, boars are getting improved models, and it even looks like bonus rolls are on their way back.

Fans also glitched their way into Tazavesh, a mega-dungeon that’s not technically available for testing but when has that stopped nosey people from looking around anyway. The community’s already posted videos of the (currently mob-free) dungeon layout:

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