Elyon’s western closed beta will run May 6 through 10 – without the cash shop


When Krafton and Krafton opened up Elyon’s new English website and started tooting the beta horn, you had to know this announcement wasn’t far behind: Today, the company has posted direct closed beta signups, which are live through April 25th. The closed beta itself will run from May 6th through 10th, with client preloading beginning May 4th for North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Kakao does note that this first beta will be limited to only a “small number of testers,” but there will be at least one other test beyond this one, so you’re likely to get in eventually. The FAQ on the event indicates there won’t be any sort of NDA on the content, but it warns players not to expect a finished game – or a finished cash shop.

“[T]he CBT1 build is quite far from our target release build. We are aiming to launch Elyon on a version as close to the Korean one as we can, with localization speed being the deciding factor. In the beginning of the service we will be a bit behind in terms of content, it is nonetheless our goal to catch up and shrink the gap between Korea and the west ASAP. […] We are still in the process of revising the cash shop along with the impact items offered in it have in the game, and we are not quite ready yet to show you out plans. We have therefore decided not to open the in-game cash shop functionality and instead make certain paid items to players directly through an NPC for 1 Gold. This way, we hope that misconceptions regarding the state of monetization can be avoided.”



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This game is for people who love BDO’s style of gameplay and Korea’s typical pay to win monetization. Even then, after about 3-4 weeks, they will just head back to BDO for a better grinding experience.– LazyPeon https://youtu.be/q0UZE8fYyCA


Diego Lindenmeyer

Gave up trying to register, nice servers … and no Cash shop on beta, cant wait to see the trap


haha I can’t get through either…

Dug From The Earth

Their servers cant even handle people signing into their website…

not a lot of hope for the actual game

Hikari Kenzaki

Literally about to smash my head against the desk repeatedly to numb the pain of trying to sign up…