Elyon hints that previous air combat mechanics from Ascent Infinite Realm may still be used


Before the MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm decided to pivot away entirely from its former airships and steampunk vibe and move to a different style altogether (as well as rename itself to Elyon), we were being teased with a whole lot of airship-centric gameplay features, promising things like single-player training airships, massive multi-crew ships, mechs, and jetpacks. It would seem, then, that those unique-sounding gameplay mechanics have been excised completely, but that apparently isn’t entirely the case if talk from one of Elyon’s CMs is to be believed.

The talk in question comes from a Discord channel for the fansite Elyon-Air, which was visited by Kakao Games CM Yukimura to answer several questions. The first was asking if we would ever see the airship-based gameplay that A:IR featured, which was met with a “maybe but maybe not” sort of answer:

“We are aware of the positive community’s feedback regarding the original air combat mechanics for Elyon, although we haven’t discussed this in-depth yet, we may have plans on this for the future.”

Other answers from the Discord Q&A confirmed a buy-to-play business model with optional cash shop items, the devs’ intention to have global releases as close to Korean ones as possible, plans to add one to two new classes per year, and work on a 20-player raid, a 1v1 PvP tag arena, and PvP tournaments.

source: Elyon-Air via MMORPG.com
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