Elyon aka Ascent Infinite Realm ‘pivot’ is confirmed by western publisher Kakao

The shooter shoots.

Yesterday, we covered the news from the Korean beta that Ascent: Infinite Realm was being rebranded with a new name, along with a video and some puzzling information about content do-overs. In case you were still thinking this was some sort of April Fools’ day prank, Kakao has now sent ’round English-language PR on the whole thing.

“Kakao Games and Krafton have announced the new name of Ascent: Infinite Realm. The game has officially been renamed to Elyon. This is to better reflect the new focus of the game with the pivot of the core design of the product. The name Elyon is meant to evoke the adventure of exploring a new world and is also the name of the portals that players will be fighting over when striving for dominance of the world with their chosen faction. A large portion of the content in the game is being revamped as well, based on feedback that was received from beta tests in Asia. The developers have decided to focus on combat, adventure and both faction and individual battles. The core combat system has moved away from tab-targeting to skill-based, free action combat that also has a rich array of customization. The setting and lore of the world of Elyon has also been changed and refined to fit this new vision of the game, although the game will retain its distinct blend of technology and magic.”

The game is currently still in testing in South Korea, and while Kakao doesn’t include a release plan or date for EU and NA, it does say it’s “still planned to release through Kakao Games” – hence why the PR is coming from Kakao. The developer is still Bluehole, though it’s going by KRAFTON now, which is going to remind you of mac’n’cheese every time.

Source: Press release
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