Ascent: Infinite Realm rebrands to Elyon, launches new website


It’s no joke: The long-in-coming steampunk MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm has a new name. Daum Games announced yesterday that the game is now and forever to be called Elyon, with the Ascent: Infinite Realm used as a subtitle.

While the new name is potentially confusing, it’s most likely a good sign that the project is picking up steam. In fact, Daum put up a new Korean site with basic information on the MMO, showing that Elyon has been reworked somewhat from its original premise. It looks to be more grounded in a fantasy realm now (albeit, with a steampunk tinge) and reportedly plays a lot like TERA. The website mentions April 11th as a key date, presumably for the next leg of the test.

The team put out a video that gives glimpses of everyone hard at work on Elyon, even amid the current coronavirus precautions. While there isn’t a translation of what’s being said, there are glimpses of gameplay and world environments to absorb.

Source: Elyon via Reddit. Cheers also to Vunak!

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Diego Lindenmeyer

so, the trap changed its name to try poach newbies? xD

Bruno Brito

The name completes it’s mediocrity.

It looks to be more grounded in a fantasy realm now (albeit, with a steampunk tinge) and reportedly plays a lot like TERA.

You don’t say.

I’m shocked.

Krista Allen

While I can understand your perspective, and the world building. character models look very “Korean”the game is still is leaps and bounds ahead of any kickstarted NA games, that have literal years before they can show what this game is showing, skill trees, mob AI, etc.

My only fear is that is a Bless 3.0 or Astellia Online AND at least it’s not a mobile MMO.


To me it looked like a budget Black Desert. They seem to have purposefully moved into BDO/TERA’s shadow for some reason.


Because both were successful games. This looks like more of a TERA type game and considering that TERA’s popularity is waning, it’s a good idea to try to regain some former players. A lot of Western MMO fans loved TERA’s combat and are excited at the possibility of another game coming close to achieving that. We’ll have to wait and see.

Mikey's Bored

I never thought Ascent: Infinite Realm was a great name, but I think Elyon is even worse. It’s been called the former for so long that if they were gonna change it you would think they’d have come up with a far better name than that…


April 11th is beta –

And in regards to the video, I found that turning on Youtube’s auto-generated subtitles/CC to English made for some pretty decent translations.

Daniel Miller

April 9th is day cbt keys sent out. And those accepted get playtime on 11th.

Toy Clown

So many fantasy names/titles/towns/characters start have Ely-, including the ill-fated kickstarter Chronicles of Elyria. It’s not a name that stands out. When I hear Elyon going forward, I’ll have to think which title it is.


If only they’d call it Realms of Elyon, the MMO naming cliche would be complete.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

Ascent: Infinite Realm wasn’t a very good name, but Elyon?

Ok, before anyone else comes in and writes that off as made up fantasy gobbledygook (as I was about to do) I looked it up and apparently it is an epithet for the Hebrew God…

I will assume that isn’t coincidence and they chose Elyon for a reason, but now I find myself wondering in what context that will make sense for a new game from the TERA (and PUBG) folks. I would hope they aren’t just appropriating the language because it sounds “weird” and cool so they can make some weird Korean MMO with boob physics and lolicon fanservice to sell dress up items for. It will probably be that though.

I kinda wonder if this is a common thing in east Asian regions because having seen Evangelion recently that show was absolutely obsessed with abusing Christian symbols, words, and images with little more than a surface level understanding of the meaning of it all. It was the “wow cool robot” meme but with “wow cool religion” basically.

Raimo Kangasniemi

26 % of South Koreans are Christians, so…

Malcolm Swoboda

Christianity has appropriated plenty by now anyway.

Dug From The Earth

Im concerned because its rare to find a good mmorpg made with unreal engine 3. The only one so far that I have personally not had issues with from a visual perspective is Astellia. However, it (and many others) still suffer from performance in that engine due to it not being designed for large open worlds.

Also, this is from google translate, but when the game devs say the main goal is farming, I kinda loose interest. I realize all mmorpgs have farming. But that mechanic is often disguised or overlayed by other elements that do always make it as apparent, especially when you are playing. IE: putting farming behind hand written quests. A lot of these asian mmorpgs dont even bother with that. They just spawn fields of enemies for you to just farm for hours.

You have games like Diablo 2 and 3 which was just about farming fields of enemies for hours, but those games you were constantly pushing forward. Start at one end of a map, work your way to the other end of the map. These asian mmorpgs however have you sitting in the same field farming the same spawns. I know its a simple difference, but it can be like comparing going on a 5 mile jog along a coastline, or jogging 5 miles around in circles on the same athletic field track. For me, you are still jogging 5 miles, but one is a much more enjoyable experience.

I really dont think this game is gonna feel much different besides being “new” compared to the buckets of other asian mmorpgs we have gotten over the past many years. Which is unfortunate, because it seems like the western world isnt making mmorpgs anymore and this is all we have left.