Ashes of Creation plans its alpha one testing starting in May

Pang pang pang

Make it through this stretch of time, Ashes of Creation, because good things are coming in the future. Specifically, they’ll be arriving in May, because the latest letter sent out from creative director Steven Sharif confirms that alpha one testing in a limited format will be starting in May 2020. This will be a phased rollout, however, with backers being slowly invited and a full testing stage not being available until the fall. But it is on the way.

Sharif notes that this will be proper alpha testing, so the test client will not be feature-complete and the testing will start with specific weekend sessions rather than an always-on experience. The game is also rolling out a small statue to commemorate the current pandemic (which has the staff working from home now) that will be available to present backers as a bit of home decor, so even beyond the early testing there are plans for making more things happen in the future.

Source: Ashes of Creation press release
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