Ascent: Infinite Realm shows off its airships and weaponry

Guns and ships.

Looking forward to Ascent: Infinite Realm and the promise of fun airship skirmishes? Then you’ll want to take a look at the huge pile of new images put forth for the game’s airships and their accompanying arsenals. Players are part of a society that took to the air following the destruction of its home on the planet’s surface, leading to a search through the skies on flying airships to find new places to live. Players can crew everything from the single-player training airships to the massive multi-crew ships available on battlefields, with the larger ships offering more firepower but also being slower to turn and react.

Of course, that firepower is important in and of itself, with options including machine guns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers mounted on the deck. Players will also have access to mechs and jetpacks as necessary to board other ships and move quickly across specific battlefields, ensuring that you can quickly move through the air to your targets. Check out a whole mess of screenshots just below.

Source: Kakao Games press release
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Daniel Miller

I played this at Gstar and my code to play again, one day code is the 16th.

Just like at G star they ar giving out 100 a day for the 50 v 50 pvp events and then free time for the 8x hour block

but after that day they give out new keys from the 13-17th.

Patreon Donor

everytime i see this in my tweeter feed what comes to mind is “ascent the space game” and wonder about possible trade mark action by the ascent guy. assuming he can afford the legal team to do it. i mean it’s just one guy making that game.