SWTOR gradually responds to Update 5.6 credit exploit

A severe credit exploit that popped up following last week’s Game Update 5.6 in Star Wars: The Old Republic has led to massive disruptions in the MMO’s economy and forced BioWare to come up with a response.

Apparently the exploit involves a companion gift vendor who was selling wares for far below normal along with the auction house, which was used for credit laundering purposes.

The studio did acknowledge the exploit and said that it was taking action, although sorting this mess out is taking time: “We have already begun taking action against players, but the brunt of those actions are still to come. As you might imagine, gathering all of the data to understand who exploited and what they did with the money, takes quite a bit of time. Know that over time we will be applying account actions, along with removing a large quantity of credits and other ill-gotten gains.”

Source: SWTOR via Dulfy
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Yup. Logged back into SWTOR and ran right into that debacle.

And as Zora quite rightly points out. It is not the first time. It isn’t even the second or third time.

I have no doubt now as Armsbend points out that there is a skeleton crew. The game is sliding into maintenance mode.

But, sheezus, you would think they would at least know what to look for by now. This is becoming a routine thing!

So, my sub, is cancelled again. This isn’t the only reason but it sure does give me an indication of where the game is headed.


Not the first time some exploit wreaks the economy though, back at launch when game was fully staffed the same happened and was ignored for even longer…company ethic, who knows

Funnily enough, GTN to me looked as bonkers as ever without any futher trace of extra craziness to routinely inflated prices whatsoever. I’ll consider myself mighty lucky.

Loyal Patron

Because they are a skeleton crew.

Sally Bowls

Cool! I get to say that I think you are being too kind to the big gaming company! This sort of thing was not that surprising when they had a much larger staff. Nor do I think doubling the staff would preclude this.

I am not sure if the quantity of the staff is the fundamental issue here.