RIFT would like to sell you a random mount for $100

[AL:Rift]We were talking on the podcast this week about how Trion Worlds tends to aggressively pursue different revenue streams in its MMOs — and how those actions sometimes cross the line and land the studio in hot water with the playerbase. For example, RIFT’s¬†pay-to-win shortcut a week or so ago.

So consider the following and tell us if it’s a smart or silly move on Trion’s part. Apparently the studio is now selling a $100 box that pays out one of 42 random premium mounts to the purchaser. As some players have noted, it’s not a smart buy, especially considering that you can obtain some of the mounts in-game for much, much cheaper.

CM Brasse dropped a comment on the Reddit discussion of this box, saying, “I do appreciate how you state the obvious for us… you really, really do NOT have to buy these. They are entirely cosmetic and it’s a pure choice for customers. Vote yea or nay in accordance with your thoughts and wallet. I am not one for mount fever either, but some are all about the stables!”

Source: Reddit. Thanks Greaterdivinity!
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