The rarest resource of all is body coverage for women, and they seek to steal it.

PAX East 2021: MMO community building – on a budget

Any community managers or indie devs in the audience? This year at PAX East 2021, a few well-known community managers - Linda "Brasse" Carlson of...

The Game Archaeologist: The rise and fall of Landmark and EverQuest Next

The year was 2013. Sony Online Entertainment was still a functioning and seemingly robust MMORPG studio, and its yearly SOE Live convention was a...

Pantheon’s community plans Brad McQuaid memorial stream as Visionary Realms vows to carry on

The passing of Brad McQuaid this week sent shockwaves through the tight-knit -- and still forming -- Pantheon community. In addition to expressing condolences...

Leaderboard: Do you buy the ‘Grand Daybreak Unification’ theory?

Yesterday, MMO blogger Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob dropped a fun conspiracy theory in the comments of our piece on EVE Online...

Caravan Stories’ open beta and launch are right around the corner

If you're fortunate enough to have a PlayStation 4, then you are invited into the exclusive realm of Caravan Stories when it launches on...

Caravan Stories announces summer launch date for console

We almost had given up hope that we would ever see Caravan Stories make the jump from Japan to the west, but yesterday brought...

Astellia confirms it’ll be buy-to-play in the west, won’t be a ‘smash-and-grab’

At PAX South this weekend, Astellia reps did indeed sit for a panel on the game as promised - a panel hosted, apparently "at...

Pantheon maps out 2019, promising new website, Faerthale development, and more

Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is kicking off 2019 with a new edition of its newsletter that recaps 2018 - including our...

Make My MMO: Star Citizen hits $200M in crowdfunds, Reddit drama ensues

This week week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen officially broke the $200 million barrier for total funding collected from the proverbial crowd. That's a...

Brad McQuaid’s MMO Pantheon has snapped up Trion’s Linda ‘Brasse’ Carlson

Did you wonder where Linda "Brasse" Carlson was going to end up post-Trion Worlds' implosion? Because you had to know she'd end up somewhere;...

ArcheAge consumer lawsuit hits snag: Trion Worlds’ corporate dissolution

Remember that player lawsuit lodged against Trion Worlds back in 2015? The one where ArcheAge players Aaron Van Fleet, Paul Ovberg, and James Longfield...
Oh great.

Gamigo formally announces the Trion Worlds buyout that manifested yesterday

Yesterday's surprise news that MMO company Trion Worlds had been sold to Gamigo was then all but confirmed by Trion's Linda "Brasse" Carlson, who announced...

Trion Worlds has been sold to Gamigo, and yes, there have been more layoffs

File this one under "huge things that rudely happened while we were all in the middle of recording the podcast": Trion Worlds has apparently...

ArcheAge, Trove producers address Trion layoffs, tell players not to worry

Last week's Trion Worlds layoffs appeared to have hit ArcheAge particularly hard, with the loss of a well-known producer to the eliminated positions, on...

Trion Worlds has been hit with layoffs, loses ArcheAge associate producer

Trion has confirmed the layoffs - we've updated below. Trion Worlds in general and ArcheAge in specific are going through a turbulent time this week...

GDC 2018: Bridging and embedding cross-platform online communities

As this year's GDC coverage is winding down, I am finally coming to the topic I saved for last: community. MMOs are more than just...

RIFT Prime to talk about progression unlocks later this month

As RIFT's Prime progression server enters into its second month of existence, questions have loomed above the community that's making its way to level...

RIFT lead systems designer Andy ‘Vladd’ Kirton steps down

According to a thread on RIFT's official forums today, a new lead systems designer is apparently on order in the flagship Trion MMORPG as Andy "Vladd"...
The Quick and the Gay

Best not be toxic on YouTube, Overwatch players, because Blizzard is watching you

Back in 2013, when Linda "Brasse" Carlson still fronted SOE's community branch, she made headlines for making SOE's anti-toxicity policies very clear. "If we...

RIFT would like to sell you a random mount for $100

We were talking on the podcast this week about how Trion Worlds tends to aggressively pursue different revenue streams in its MMOs -- and...